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American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
San Francisco, California, December 12-16, 2016

Daily Summary

December 16, 2016

Day Five of AGU16

Say it ain't so.

Yes: December 16, today, is the last day of AGU16, a small city of 24,000 Earth and space scientists that for five days bumped up the population of San Francisco by a brainy three-one hundredths of a percent.

The American Geophysical Union fall meeting drew enough people to cause catastrophic lines at morning coffee emporiums, to supply enough eyes and ears for 20,000 talks and posters, and (is this scientific?) to bring on heavy rain.

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) will add its own voices to the last day, with talks that include glimpses at the science of South Asian monsoons, how microbes breathe, Amazon basin convection triggers, climate data going back two millennia, and the risks of induced seismicity.

PNNL posters (too many to count without coffee) will include looks at an aquaplanet world, modeling plant root systems, upgrades at a climate observation site in Alaska, soil hydraulics, and analyzing river sediments.

Join us for a day-long look at last-day events.


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