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AGU-Related Job Openings at PNNL

Imagine an interdisciplinary environment. One that offers you ample opportunity for discovery in scientific areas related to the Earth sciences, climate, energy, the environment, and biology. That's PNNL. Below are links to descriptions for several key positions we are currently seeking to fill. Please click on the links to explore the opportunities or contact Gary Worrell for further information.

Job Title Closing

Several additional positions are currently open as well. The links below have information on some of these opportunities. Additional information about PNNL and the Tri-Cities region is available on our PNNL Jobs website.

Job Title Closing
307582 Research Scientist, Wind Energy Applications 4/26/2018
307631 Specialist 4/28/2018
307596 Post Doctorate RA - Integrative Omics 4/28/2018
307569 Post Doctorate RA - Biological Mass Spectrometry 4/30/2018
307673 Post Doctorate RA - Gut Microbiome 4/30/2018
307009 Senior Biologist 5/1/2018
307585 Post Doctorate RA - Environmental Microbiology and Biogeochemistry 5/2/2018
307648 Post Doctorate RA - Plant Systems Biology 5/12/2018
307624 Post Doctorate RA - Soil Biogeochemistry 5/17/2018
307155 Director, Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory 6/8/2018
307661 Metabolomics Cheminformatics Scientist 7/15/2018