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AGU-Related Job Openings at PNNL

Imagine an interdisciplinary environment. One that offers you ample opportunity for discovery in scientific areas related to the Earth sciences, climate, energy, the environment, and biology. That's PNNL. Below are links to descriptions for several key positions we are currently seeking to fill. Please click on the links to explore the opportunities or contact Gary Worrell for further information.

Job Title Closing

Several additional positions are currently open as well. The links below have information on some of these opportunities. Additional information about PNNL and the Tri-Cities region is available on our PNNL Jobs website.

Job Title Closing
309208 Post Bachelors RA - Tree Physiology 5/25/2019
309344 Earth Scientist, Wind Energy 5/26/2019
309302 Post Doctorate RA - Protein Chemistry and Analysis 5/30/2019
309060 Post Doctorate RA - Proteomic Characterization of Microbes and Microbiomes 5/30/2019
309278 Post Doctorate RA - Spectroscopy-based stable isotope analysis 5/31/2019
309358 PhD Intern - Integrated Watershed Modeling 5/31/2019
309336 Post Doctorate RA - Understanding the lifecycle of deep convection 6/3/2019
309316 Post Doctorate RA - Analysis of measurements of SOA formed in particles and clouds 6/4/2019
309324 Post Doctorate RA - Single cell proteomics 6/7/2019
309065 Senior Research Scientist 6/9/2019
308413 Environmental Hydrologist 6/14/2019
308009 Environmental Hydrologist 6/14/2019
309376 Post Doctorate RA - Spatially Resolved Omics 6/18/2019
309300 Post Doctorate RA - Mass Spectrometry 6/21/2019
309276 Post Doctorate RA - Process-based modeling of secondary organic aerosols 6/27/2019
309179 Senior Scientist, Genetics 7/2/2019
309375 Post Doctorate RA - Quantitative Proteomics: Posttranslational Modifications and Systems Biology 7/3/2019
309374 Post Doctorate RA - Convective Storm Modeling 7/3/2019
309342 Post Doctorate RA - Lung development and disease 7/12/2019
309349 Post Doctorate RA - Bioinformatics 7/14/2019
309350 Post Doctorate RA - Proteomics 7/14/2019
309264 Cancer Systems Biologist 7/21/2019